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The world of the automobile, perhaps for the first time since the internal combustion engine was invented, is truly changing. Anti-pollution regulations are forcing manufacturers to turn to electric traction to reduce CO2 emissions. Automatic transmission, a taboo for many, is becoming a must at affordable prices. Even the driving license can be obtained by taking the practical exam with a vehicle equipped with automatic transmission, just indicate it in the exam application.

Of course, the document obtained does not entitle you to drive cars equipped with manual gearboxes, but given the direction in which the car market is moving, this is the lesser evil. The ease of driving, the less stress and the reduction of worries related to the use of the clutch, which at times becomes a real nightmare, make the automatic gearbox the ideal solution FOR EVERYONE, especially for those who have an eye towards the environment

(great savings in fuel and polluting emissions).

With this in mind, our driving school has decided to include a FULL ELECTRIC car, equipped with automatic transmission, in its fleet of vehicles, to adapt to the times and provide a service that can also bring new generations closer to GREEN technologies of sustainable mobility.

 We then thought that a car so easy to drive could be the right answer to the question of independence of people with disabilities and, with the contribution of the Automobile Club of Vicenza, we have transformed the car with a series of adaptations, including wireless, which allow you to use the commands OF A NORMAL CAR.

Such an adapted vehicle allows us to complete our offer to those who need to prove, first of all to themselves, that they are no less able-bodied.


Recall that Henry Ford said:

"There is real progress only when the benefits of a new technology become for everyone".


The best safety device is ...

a prepared driver!

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