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road education for primary schools


The project is aimed at the 4th and 5th grades of primary school.

Through a guided didactic activity  we try to help children  to move on the street independently and safely. Our action aims to  deepen the knowledge of the rules of conduct  and to the interaction with other road users through films and animations  graphics presented in a playful and captivating form.


Our action includes:

  • 3 hours of theoretical lessons held in the classroom

  • 1 hour of practical lesson held in the "Stefano Bazzo" school field;

  • The issue to participants of a certificate of "Competence in road traffic".  


Theoretical lessons yes  they conclude with a "Quiz" test much appreciated by both children and master craftsmen and with an invitation to invent  road signs, poems, nursery rhymes etc. which are then collected by us  and inserted  in the program of the following years.

Here is one of the most significant examples:


The driving lesson yes  takes place on the new school field  made by the Administration  Comunale di Vicenza, with bicycles and helmets supplied by us. At the end of the test it comes  released  a "license" with photos  which has no legal value, but which encourages and excites children to commit themselves to doing their best.

In our opinion, this is the right way to obtain the best results in the education of our future motorists, because we are convinced that ...


Danger Evil Love

Danger Toxic Experiments

Insect danger

No farting


The best safety device  And...

a prepared driver!

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