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Safe Driving Course


Not a day goes by without reading news in the newspapers where the rear-end collision is caused by the killer fog,  from the slimy asphalt , from the killer tree . One hardly ever has the courage to write that if there are people thrown out of the machine, they are not  they wore seat belts; that if a rear-end collision occurs on the motorway, the fault lies with the drivers; that if you go astray it is because  there are still those who believe that tire grip is the same in wet or dry conditions.


THE MAN, THE ROAD, THE VEHICLE : These are the key elements on which it is necessary to rely in order to win the challenge of road safety. The importance is different, but  the indisputable hierarchy. Driving  we all feel like phenomena, but it is the phenomena that condition us: the physical ones  condition the car,  physiological ones  affect us.

The automotive industry  has made great strides: the electronics manage traction, braking,  vehicle stability, but

The only element that has not progressed is man.


In the  accidents  in Italy (source Istat), 90% of the responsibility is  of the driver. Between knowing how to drive and mastering the vehicle there is something more than skill:  there is  physics, the very one that they explained to us at school and that we hated so much.


Ready2go Driving Schools,  aware that most of the novice drivers  is trained exclusively to take the exam,  they have  set up mini safe driving courses to complete the  preparation of their students and offer children who want to deepen their knowledge of vehicle dynamics an in-depth course at the ACI safe driving facility located in Arese on the former Alfa Romeo test track.


This is the next generation driving school for  the new  generations.

This is Ready2Go !  

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