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The Theory course

The theoretical teaching methodology makes use of multimedia supports and lessons in which the teacher, following the most modern  communication techniques, interacts with the students by involving them and making the lesson more dynamic. The topics covered begin and end within the same lesson  like this  the student can already practice on the relevant tests at home. The course lasts  the time it takes for the student to learn with the possibility of repeating it several times at no additional cost.


The driving course

The driving lesson takes place individually and by appointment. Our  motorcycles are equipped with  protection in the event of a fall. Our instructors take particular care  the use of the gaze, teaching students to process information coming from the road landscape to anticipate dangerous situations through the techniques called AEI (attention, age, intention) and TBB (track, edge, base) because for us .. . 


AM license course

The best safety device  And...

a prepared driver!

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