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Driving license course B


The  Driving  Test

Thanks to specific “SAFE DRIVING” exercises carried out in

closed equipped area,  our boys complete the

their preparation by learning the risks they take

particular situations that can occur in the guide

normal. All this because we believe that:

The Theory course  

The theoretical teaching methodology makes use of multimedia supports and the lessons take place according to a pre-established continuous cycle calendar which can be viewed on our site. The lessons are self-contained  so that every new pupil can  to start  at any time. The course consists of 22  lessons that can be repeated  for up to 12 months  at no additional cost. You have the opportunity to take 2 exams in the period of validity of the documentation (6 months),  then the application must be resubmitted with new documentation.

Theoretical modules:

- Accidents and prevention

- Psycho-physical conditions of the driver

- Active and passive preventive safety

- Tires, technical characteristics and maintenance

- Principles of safe driving and management of critical situations

- Eco-drive and eco-friendly driving

- Principles of defensive driving

- Driving liability, penalties and driving license points

- Motorcycle riding equipment and techniques

The driving course

Driving lessons are held individually and by appointment. Our cars are equipped with double pedals for brake, clutch and accelerator and the teaching methodology follows  the innovative “ decomposed ” system.  This method follows the natural principle of learning: the baby first learns to "crawl", then  "To walk" and finally  "runs".  Our instructors take particular care  the use of the gaze, teaching students to process information coming from the road landscape to anticipate dangerous situations through the techniques called AEI (attention, age, intention) and TBB (path, edge, base).  AND'  also to  provision of a driving simulator for free to train in the repetitive and automatic actions that must be performed while driving in order to shorten learning times and reduce the expense to be incurred.

Driving modules on the road:  

  • Driving on the main suburban road

  • Defensive driving and critical situations management

  • Driving during the night

  • Eco-Guide


The best safety device  And...

a prepared driver!

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