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In case of loss, a report must be made to the police authorities who then directly request a duplicate of the same. If it cannot be duplicated by the police or in the event of deterioration or reclassification, the following are necessary:

  • 3 authenticated photos (authentication is not required in the event of a medical examination);

  • Photocopy of the identity card;

  • Medical examination if the driving license  it's expired


Our school offers the License Renewal service.    


The driving license is valid for a period of:

  • 10 years  up to the age of 50;

  • 5 years  with an age between 50 and 70 years;

  • 3 years  with an age between 70 and 80;

  • 2 years  for those over 80 years old. 

The old sticker that was sent home on the occasion of the license renewal has retired, and all driving licenses of categories Am, A, B, and subcategories have an expiration date which coincides with the birthday date.

The new procedure involves the medical examination (which has not changed) and the printing of a new driving license.

We therefore need to collect a RECENT CARD PHOTO before the visit  MADE WITHOUT GLASSES, even if they are required, and the SIGNATURE of the license holder to start the renewal procedure.

The doctor for the control of the psycho-physical requirements passes to our offices in Vicenza:


  • in via Cà Balbi 26 on Wednesdays at 19.00;

  • in viale G. Pecori Giraldi 1 on Thursdays at 20.00.  


The highway code provides for an administrative penalty for driving with an expired license, the withdrawal of the document and insurance in the event of an accident can be claimed against the driver.

Duplicate driving license

License renewal

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